About Us

Welcome to the official Piggiepigpigs Store. Thank you for stopping by!

Most of you will probably know me from Youtube. My name is Laura and I love small animals. My journey started back in 2009 when I made a C&C cage for my 2 piggies, Gus and Hercules. I found it very difficult to find the materials in the UK so I thought I would upload a few videos onto Youtube aimed at helping people in the UK to find and build C&C cages for their own piggies. I featured many animals that I kept including Guinea Pigs, Rats and Hamsters. 

I am now the proud owner of an online shop in which I design and produce my own guinea pig and small pet accessories to help your pets and piggies lead a comfortable and relaxed life. All of the products we make are all handmade in England, United Kingdom. Its a family ran business who all love all types of animals!

Although I no longer have all of my small furries (most are at the rainbow bridge now) I do have another pet in my life, a Jack Russell called Ralph, along with my last Guinea Pig, Gizmo. He recently lost his cage mate so i am trying to find a suitable friend for him.

You will often see pictures and videos of us all on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to give us a follow.

Ralph does have his own instagram page if you want to follow him here...


I also run a separate shop selling Dog accessories which you can find here...


Thanks for reading! 

Laura x