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A "Hay Bag" is a bag you can hang on the side of your pets cage to contain all of your hay. The side has ribbons you can use to hook onto any type of cage. There are 2 cut out round holes on the front for your animals to pull the hay through.

Please note this bag is made from fleece only - if you do not like hay sticking to the bags you may want to opt for a lined hay bag. This one is a budget fleece only version.

This particular Hay Bag is made from Polar Fleece.

Hay Bags are suitable for animals which have a hay based diet.

Washing instructions

Wash your Hay Bags on a 30 or 40 degree wash (not too hot) - I do not recommend to tumble dry. I always recommend to air dry my items if possible or place on a warm radiator :)


Width: 11 inches / 28 centimetres approx.
Height: 10 inches / 25 centimetres approx.

Holes for the hay to be pulled through are 3 inches / 7cm wide. Please supervise baby guinea pigs as they may be able to hop inside.

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