Bunnie Snug -Cupcake with Bubblegum fleece

Bunnie Snug -Cupcake with Bubblegum fleece
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A "Bunnie Snug" is a large cosy cup for your small pet to cuddle in and chill out! It would be great for any type of small animal, but mainly designed for a bunnie! This Piggie Snug will fit several adult Guinea Pigs, Rats or Chinchillas, aswell as Rabbits (and even Cats!!, see my website for the cat picture).

This Bunnie Snug is made with a fleece outer and the inside is made from plain fleece. It is fully lined with polyester quilt wadding. The wadding is sewn in place so it will not bunch up or move around when washed. The wadding also helps the Snug retain its shape so it won't get squished in the cage!

Fully machine washable on low temperatures - care sheet included

Diameter: 15 inches / 38 centimetres approx.
Height: 7 inches / 18 centimetres approx.

This item is made up and ready to be shipped!

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