Custom Order Info


How to place a Custom Order

If you would like to place a Custom Order with Piggiepigpigs, the first thing we need to know is what item/items you would like. We also need to know the size of the item/items and the fleece and fabric choices.

Please have a look at this link to see the items we can make for you, along with the fabrics and fleeces -

When you have decided what you would like to order, please send an email to and please ensure the subject of your email is titled "Custom Order Request"

Then, tell us what you would like! When stating the fabric and fleece choices please tell us the code featured on each picture. All codes start with a letter and then a 2 digit number. Cotton Prints will start with a "C", printed fleeces start with a "P" and plain fleeces start with an "F".

Please see example below.

We will then respond via email to confirm we have received your order and we will then list it in the shop for you to buy. We will try and respond as soon as possible but we do receive lots of emails daily so please bear with us.

Once you have received confirmation your order has been logged you will then see your order in our shop on this page - Custom Orders. We will work out your order total and add it to this listing, once the item is in the checkout/basket then shipping will be aded additionally.

You will then be able to purchase your order. Once you have paid, we will then make a start on making your items up. As of October 2014 orders are currently taking between 14-21 days due to the high volume of orders we are working through.

When your item is finished, we will email you a picture of your items made up. We will then let you know that it is being shipped. We ship most places in the world! (see "Delivery" at bottom of site for more info)

Thank you!