About Us

Welcome to the official Piggiepigpigs Store! Thank you for stopping by!

Most of you will probably know me from Youtube. My name is Laura and I love small animals. My journey started back in 2009 when I made a C&C cage for my 2 piggies Gus and Hercules. I found it very difficult to find the materials in the UK so I thought I would upload a few videos onto Youtube aimed at helping people in the UK to find and build C&C cages for their own piggies.

I am now the proud owner of an online shop in which I design and produce my own guinea pig and small pet accessories to help your pets and piggies lead a comfortable and relaxed life. All of the products we make are all handmade in England, United Kingdom. Its a family ran business who all love all types of animals!

For sales and custom order queries we can be contacted on sales@piggiepigpigs.com

For any website related questions, please contact web@piggiepigpigs.com




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Our stores checkout facility is via Paypal - the Paypal payment method can be either in the form of using an existing Paypal account or by paying with credit card. Paypal transactions are 100% secure, of which Piggiepigpigs ltd do not do any of the handling or holding of payment/bank credentails.



Order Process

Once you have chosen your items you wish to buy then your will need to select "View Basket" at the top right of the shop page.

After checking all the correct items are in the basket, select "Checkout". Shipping is automatically calculated depending on total weight.

For new customers: Enter all of your details (Name, Address etc) please read our terms and conditions. Once you have read them, select the tick box if you agree to them, then check your basket again before selecting "Checkout".

If you create an account, you wont have to fill out any of the details for future orders, you will just need to login during checkout

For existing customers: select "Log in" at the top of the details page then confirm your details and items then select "Checkout" (as you have already bought from us before you already agree to our terms and conditions)

For existing customers already logged in to their account: confirm your details and items then select "Checkout" (as you have already bought from us before you already agree to our terms and conditions)

The order is logged in our system as awaiting payment - if we do not receive payment after 15 minutes you will receive an email to say order has been cancelled.

Our store will the transfer you to PayPal's site to collect payment (no payment credentials are stored by Piggiepigpigs ltd)

Once payment has been completed, Paypal will either ask if you wish to go back to the Piggiepigpigs store or go into your paypal account (if paid by PayPal account) it wont ask you if you paid by card.

If a decision has been made to go back to the Piggiepigpigs store then the order confirmation screen will display what has been paid for. If an account was created during checkout, it will allow you to see your order status by selecting the [ + ] icon above the "View Basket" then selecting "Your Account"

Both you and us will receive an "Order Confirmation" email with the items bought and an order number.

Once we have packaged up your items/order, you will get an "Order Complete" email letting you know that it has been dispatched